Plataforma C – Platform for Christian Politics, is an initiative that aims to promote the participation of Christians in politics and the development of public policy based on biblical principles and the teachings of Jesus. Plataforma C is an autonomous foundation, independent of any political party, serving all committed Christians who want to connect their faith with public policy and be followers of Christ in politics.

As part of its objectives, the team of Plataforma C develops programs and projects to promote the mental and cultural transformation of society. It particularly wants to motivate and empower young Christians and professionals to put their talents at the service of the Kingdom of God. Likewise, it also implements initiatives to strengthen the advocacy capacities of the followers of Jesus in politics. In many of its projects, Plataforma C uses artistic tools.


We are political missionaries, the meeting point for the worldwide network of political actors. We advise and provide services to its members through training, research, political advocacy or any other initiative. We represent the New Christian Politics.


Be the reference for the expansion and positioning of Christian Politics worldwide, where Christian political actors (Catholics, Protestants, and all followers of Jesus) form a regional support network promoting a Christian view on politics and public policies.


Frans Visscher


Dutch. Frans Visscher is the President of the Board of Directors of the Foundation Platform for Christian Politics. He holds an engineering degree from the University of Wageningen, The Netherlands. He is an experienced manager, advisor, trainer and consultant in the fields of Bible translation, education, community health, development, empowerment, capacity building and a number of themes concerning democracy assistance. He has worked in Africa (Republic of Congo for 6 years and Mozambique for 3 years. In the Netherlands Mr. Visscher worked as the director of Wycliffe Bible Translators Netherlands and as a consultant for organizational development for Wycliffe Africa and Wycliffe Literacy. Mr. Visscher also worked as a representative of the Christian Union party for the Latin America team of the Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy (NIMD), is Director Asia, Africa and Latin America of the Christian Union and is part of the steering group of the Christians in Politics Portal, an international initiative for worldwide networking of Christians involved in politics and public policies. He is also Chairman of FLAEM Family Life and Aids Education Ministry. He is married and has 4 children.

Jan Herrewijn

Treasurer / Secretary

Australian-Dutch. Economist (Erasmus University, Rotterdam, The Netherlands), specialized in taxatiin. He is the Treasurer and Secretary of Plataforma C, Platform for Christian Politics. He is the founder and owner of the company Herrewijn Advies, a consultancy firm in taxation, accounting and finance. He has worked as a researcher for the Economic-Technological Institute of Rotterdam and has also worked of Infotheek, a company specialized in sales of computers and electronic equipment.

Gerrit Brink

Member of the Board

South African-Dutch. Architect, graduated from Port Elizabeth University, South Africa. Currently, he is a member of the Board of Plataforma C, Platform for Christian Politics. Mr. Brink is an expert in missiology and works as a missionary for the organization Operation Mobilization (OM). Currently he is coordinating an initiative of evangelization to the Muslim population of the Netherlands. He has worked as a missionary in Turkey and Iraq. He is married and has 3 children.

Dennis P. Petri


Dennis P. Petri is Director of the Foundation Platform for Christian Politics. Previously he worked for the Office in Europe at the Inter-American Development Bank, the Arias Foundation for Peace and Human Progress of Costa Rica, the Social-Economic Council of the Netherlands and the Strategic Research Program in Bolivia (Programa de Investigación Estratégica, or PIEB). Mr. Petri holds a Master degree in comparative politics, specialty Latin America, of the Paris Institute of Political Studies (Sciences Po), and received an excellence scholarship from the French government. He is a PhD Candidate from the Free University of Amsterdam (Netherlands). A Mexican-Dutch author, his recent publications include Parliamentary Effectiveness. Coalitional incentives and restrictions in Costa Rica and Nicaragua (Efectividad Parlamentaria. Incentivos y restricciones coalicionales en Costa Rica y Nicaragua), supported by the Spanish Foreign Ministry, 2008, and Analysis of Social Dialogue in Latin America (De Sociale Dialoog nader beschouwd), The Hague, 2008. Mr. Petri has participated in several research projects including on Social pacts and participation in public policies: neocorporative governance in Central America, supported by the Carolina Foundation (Fundacion Carolina 2007) and on Departmental Autonomy and Strengthening of the National State, supported by the PIEB (2006). He has also published articles on the themes of leadership, ethics in public policy, parliamentary performance, social dialogue, comparative politics, Christian world view and intellectual fundamentals of Christian Politics. He is married.

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