How can Social Transformation be promoted?

Social Transformation can be promoted through the following avenues: PRAYER: Prayer is the most powerful “instrument” for Social Transformation, because prayer can change the course of History. But Social Transformation, particularly when it affects the Persecuted Church, must be on the prayer agenda of the Church. Prayer is important because it sensitizes and leads to … [Read more…]

How can Social Transformation strengthen the persecuted church?

Social Transformation strengthens the Persecuted Church because a Church that is relevant to society is more resilient to persecution for the following reasons: A Church engaged in Social Transformation will necessarily be engaged in reaching out to the Persecuted Church, either through prayer, financial support, direct material support, or advocacy. A Church focused on Social Transformation has … [Read more…]

What is Social Transformation?

Historically, the basis for Social Transformation can be found in reformed theology, in the works of Calvin, Althusius and Kuyper, in what is known as Christian politics. Christian politics basically refers to the promotion of an integral development vision based on Christian principles. The Social Teachings of Catholic Church, which put a great emphasis on … [Read more…]