How can Social Transformation be promoted?

Social Transformation can be promoted through the following avenues:

  • PRAYER: Prayer is the most powerful “instrument” for Social Transformation, because prayer can change the course of History. But Social Transformation, particularly when it affects the Persecuted Church, must be on the prayer agenda of the Church. Prayer is important because it sensitizes and leads to action.
  • TEACHING: The Church needs to understand that the Gospel is more than just proclamation, but is also about transforming social structures. Encouraging churches to become active beyond the church walls is what will effectively strengthen the church – enhance its resilience to persecution –. Moreover, encouraging the Church to reach out to its persecuted members is seeking the unity of the Body of Christ. The Church also lacks an adequate worldview – Kingdom Culture –.
  • ENGAGE TALENTS: Engage Christian professionals to actively put their talents at the service of God’s Kingdom, especially of the Persecuted Church. The development of programs to encourage churches to get actively involved in society and overcome social apathy is an urgent necessity. Programs aimed at raising awareness for the sake of persecuted Christians and the dangers of organized crime is required, to overcome expressions of social apathy – lack of interest and concern for the Persecuted Church – and to encourage them to get actively involved in society.
  • ADVOCACY: It is vitally important to contribute to the strengthening of families because the context of the persecuted church is familial, clannish and tribal. This is at the heart of the socio-cultural structure, even influencing the political and economic lives not just of the nation but also of the Church. Many of the issues in Church and society are rooted from weak and broken family lives of people. Families, therefore, must find their foundation in Christ and His teachings.
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Dennis P. Petri
Dennis P. Petri is Director of Plataforma C, Platform for Christian Politics. A political scientist by training, he specializes in comparative politics with a specific interest in Latin America. He is currently working on a dissertation about religious freedom at VU University Amsterdam.

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